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PHILUMINA is a GUI-based software package that allows the end-user to communicate with and control the Transluminous and Optoluminous line of products. Designed for WinXP and WIN7 (32 & 64 bit) platforms, it converts scanned images obtained from our hyperspectral imaging systems into a single image format that contains spatial and spectral information for every picture element in the image. A number of pre-processing routines can then be run on these hyperspectral images and finally ported into off-the-shelf image processing packages.   The PHILUMINA software provides user-friendly tools and everything needed to set up, capture, and pre-process data that is ready for in depth image analysis in a wide range of commercially available analsysis packages.

PHILUMINA is designed to provide reliability while being accessible to the average user. Development is in progress to continually improve and enhance its functionality to meet the needs of the image-processing community.

NOTE: Software & hardware related manuals can be found on our downloads page.
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 PhiLumina is currently testing it's software platforms on WIN8 Operating Systems.  For pricing and other information contact us at
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